【Tokyo Olympics】The most prefer tweet for Japanese at Opening ceremony

There were no audience attending to opening ceremony except players.

Japanese watched at TV or outside of main stadium.

I search which tweet are the most favorite in Japan.

①Human pictogram was funny and charming

They two are the person of human pictogram.

They usually act as pantomime performers.

Their perform was funny and a bit outdated. They tried hard to act so many pictures in a second so Japanese feel charming to them.

An illustrator write comic about human pictogram.

When take-over fomulla in 2016 Olympics, Game character ”Super Mario” are there. In this ceremony, Mario didn’t come.

But this illustrator write that Mario is in the human pictogram!! www

②Camera clue also wear pictogram costume when human pictogram were playing

It’s funny when human pictogram act camera clue also wear same costume with actors.

③Drone show pictogram when only rehearsal

Neighbors shoots rehearsal of Drone showing.

Building and Drone lightning matches seeing.

④People don’t get sick in this year when watch Narita family’s “A Glare”

There are Japanese traditional performance “Kabuki” act.

There are lore when people watch Narita family’s “A Glare” performance.

It’s matches to this COVID-19 pandemic. Hope to safe, Hope for health.

⑤Japanese proud Emperor’s short speech

The emperor’s speech duration : 5 sec

Chairman Hashimoto’s speech duration : 5 min

Some Japanese are bored in Hashimoto’s long speech.

So they compare both speech. And they praise the Emperor.

⑥Japanese game music are used as Admission theme music

Horii Yuji who wrote scenario for Dragon quest seiries.

He thanks to his team and music writers.

⑦Taiwan called as “Taiwan” not “Chinese-Taipei”

The Olympic Parade of Nations Follows the Japanese Alphabet.

I think foreigners confused it. www

In the parade, Chinese-taipei called as “Taiwan”.

It is a big news for Taiwanese.

In the above tweet, it is scheduled to call “Chinese Taipei” and the order of admission was different.(Follows to Czech)

But in the real, They called “Taiwan” and the order of admission they followed Korea!

I think it was challenging project.


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