Magazine『Casa BRUTUS』 issued on 7/9 -Kashiyuka shoten- perfume

Perfume previously didn’t work alone. Always Perfume work together.

It was hers policy.

But recently the rules are relieved.

a-chan regulary acts on Internet TV show “Renai drama na koi ga shitai” in Abema TV.

NOCCHi serialize her magazine column. The content is about her hobby “TV game”.

And Kashiyuka serialize magazine column about Japan’s traditions once a month.

Kashiyuka had clothes by “Mame Kurogouchi” since 9 years ago

Few days ago, Latest magazine are published.

The content is about “Mame Kurogouchi”.

Kashiyuka had these clothes since 9 years ago.

Summary article is uploaded here. As of now, the article is only Japaneses but usually English article is uploaded in 1 month.

English article will be uploaded here.

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Japanese fan’s reaction

She looks great when I see her diagonally!!

Also her back is great!!

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