Favorite songs for Japanese teen girl in the first half of 2021

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In Japan, it still has a high level of regulation for managing music event under COVID-19.
・Audience capacity is limited less than 50% of max capacity. (Max number is 10,000)
・Must be where they instructed. (Mosh is prohibited)
・Prohibited call out
・Must wear mask

It’s still a tough situation for the music industry, but new trends are emerging.

Today I introduce a Japanese music which Japanese teens favorite in this first half of 2021.


  • They are currently the favorite artist.
    • Ado
    • 優里 (yuuri)
    • Eve
    • NiziU



Title: うっせえわ(Usseewa)
Artist: Ado

Ado she was a high school student until last year.
『Usseewa』 is her 1st single.

It is catchy to criticize dissatisfaction with society as “Usseewa”.

There are two reasons why it became popular for teens.

  • It’s easy to sympathize that she is a same age, and yet you can feel mature with a husky voice.
  • So many influencer pick up this song at “Utattemita”.
What is “Utattemita” ・・・

It’s like a celebrity or youtuber singing the song and enjoying difference with the atmosphere of the original.
Last year, many people tried to sing “Pretender” by Official-Hige-Dandism at “Utattemita”.
This is because the difficulty of singing a song is extremely high, and I think that many people sang as if they were proud of their own songs.



Title: ドライフラワー(Dry Flower)

This song expresses the relationship between men and women who have passed each other from a female perspective.

As you can see in the title of Dry Flower, the relationship between the two is already dead, As in the chorus “I don’t hate all the voices, faces, and clumsiness”, her feelings of unskilledness were sung, and she broke up, but she still can’t forget her partner.

I have to sympathize with it.

On the other hand, “Kakurenbo”, which was released before the Dry Flower, is drawn from the perspective of a man, and these two songs make up one story.

Referrence: youtube

Title: かくれんぼ(kakurenbo)
Artist: 優里(Yuuri)

There are two reasons why it became popular for teens.

  • When he played street live in Shibuya, Hiro the vocal of the band “My First Story” jumping into the live. That youtube video was buzzing.

    He had a lot of street shows in Shibuya and Shinjuku.

    As far as I can see the video, it seems that there were a lot of audience, probably because he is handsome and he was good at singing.

    Meanwhile, when he was playing the song of the band “My First Story”, the real vocal was there and suddenly sang with him. The video below is the moment at that time.
Referrence: youtube
  • Particapate in the project “THE FIRST TAKE”

It was carried out while thinking that it would be possible to produce a video with a live feeling.

“I thought it would be valuable that enjoying music without reproducibility like you experience at live. So I planned a YouTube channel to face music with a single shot.”
The director, Mr. Shimizu, commented.

Since it is a one-shot , there are tensions and slight mistakes of the artist, and it is a video that gives a feeling of live performance.

Yuuri participated in this project.

His video is top 5 number of play!!
Below is the video.

Referrence: youtube




Title: 廻廻奇譚(Kaikaikitan)
Artist: Eve

This is a opening theme of anime “Jyujyutu Kaisen”.

“Jujutsu Kaisen” is expected to lead Weekly Shonen Jump which produced brilliant works such as one piece and dragon ball.

As manga is popular, this song is also popular among teens.




Title: Take a picture
Artist: NiziU

JY Park, which produces K-POP groups such as 2PM and TWICE, produces a new group, but all the members are Japanese.

Therefore, Japanese people are active mainly in Japan for authentic K-POP, which is a form that has never been unexpected.

There are two reasons why it became popular for teens.

  • A documentary video that followed from audition to debut was broadcast on an online program

They are nine who passed out of a total of 10,000 applicants.
The audition was broadcast on the Internet distribution service “hulu” for a total of 20 episodes.

The reason why they gained so much popularity was that they were competing with others in auditions, but instead of kicking each other, they encouraged each other for good performance at audition.

There are probably other sites that talk about the appeal of NiziU, so please search for them.


There are obvious reason why they become popular.
・Online video
make a big trend.