【perfume】New Single “Polygon Wave” first show on TV 3-Jul-2021

Perfume acted ”Polygon Wave” first show on TV, THE MUSIC DAY in 3-Jul-2021!!

If you did not check it yet, please look archive.

Fun’s reaction

Costume is imaged “Polygon”.
Dance is supple!
Adult-look mood!

Polygon Wave so super GREAT~~!!
COOL and Stylish!!

There are two things it is different from before.

  1. Perfume didn’t wear same shoes
    a-chan: heels
    NOCCHi: boots
    kashiyuka: knee high boots
    Japanses funs told that It’s been a while perfume wear different shoes. Last time was at “Dream Fighter”.
  2. Kashiyuka didn’t keep her bangs
    Kashiyuka always have her hair splay to keep her hair style even if she dance crazy.
    But today she didn’t so her bangs! (What happened!)
    So it looks different!! It is also cute!!

I will go to perfume live which will be held on Aug-2021. Live “Polygon Wave”
I’m looking forward to attending it to see “Polygon Wave”!!